Fresh Graduate Database (hereinafter referred as “the database”)

To ensure PDPA principals are maintained throughout the database management, Orbitage Sdn Bhd ensures the following :

  1. the database is hosted and managed solely by Orbitage Sdn. Bhd.;
  2. the database is NOT a recruitment tool;
  3. the database is built to assist Fresh Graduates with their first employment;
  4. the database is absolutely FREE for employers to use for their internal recruitment ONLY;
  5. the database is absolutely FREE for Fresh Graduates & Internship students to deposit resumes;
  6. it is STRICTLY PROHIBITED for recruitment agencies to have access to the database;
  7. unauthorised sharing of information is STRICTLY PROHIBITED;
  8. further prevent from any abuse of data, the contact details of fresh graduates will NOT be available for Employers via the database. However, Employers are required to request for the full CV (with contact details) via the system and it will be sent to the Employers following a quick screening process ; and
  9. All CVs updated in the database have been created by the Fresh Graduates with a declaration acceptance at the end.

The database can be access via CCPS

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