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People Planning

People Planning

Competence Management
We assist customers with organizing their human capital development strategies including; skills gap analysis, training needs analysis, competence to job role mapping, etc. We provide an “end to end” competence management service, where we work with your team to:

    • Identify and define technical & functional competences required by your organization
    • Create job role profiles based on competence proficiency which are used as a “benchmark” for manpower planning & optimization
    • Assess your staff to measure competence gaps which drives your talent development strategy
    • Use the outcomes to build a comprehensive, sustainable staff development pipeline

To support this process have developed an “intelligent” Competence Management System for managing competence across an organization to assist Human Resource, Head of Departments and Managers with staff appraisals, succession planning, gap analysis, skills identification for recruitment and project resourcing.

HR Tools and Solutions
We have developed and refined our own in-house tools for managing competence in your organisation. In addition, our SkilPro Competence Management System platform provides extensive support to HR in terms of managing and tracking individual employee competence throughout the organisation. For more details, please email us at info@orbitage.com 

SkilPro Competence Management Software
SKilPro is a platform that is used to manage the competence level of your:

  • organisation as a whole
  • specific teams
  • individuals

For more details, please email us at info@orbitage.com.