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Skilpro Capabilty Centers

Skilpro Capabilty Centers

These have been developed to assist colleges and universities in building their capabilities in “cutting edge” technologies.

The package consists of the capability centre of which we currently have four:

  • 4G/LTE
  • Virtualisation/Cloud
  • Information Security
  • Broadcast and IPTV

As an example, shown is the structure of the SkilPro capability centre for 4G/LTE

4G Capability Centre

If you would like further information on any of the SkilPro Capability Centres please contact us at info@orbitage.com.

In addition, we provide the following services to ensure that the capability centres are effectively utilised for R&D, Project assignment work and teaching purposes. Staff and students will become competent in the particular technologies as well as develop skills in analysis and problem solving in a test environment.

  • SkilPro Capability Centre operations training
  • 3 years technical support & advisory assistance
  • Training & Certification for staff/students on the relevant technology areas
  • Advice with suitable R&D areas for both undergraduate and postgraduate level using the Capability Centre
  • Co-authoring of academic papers related to the relevant technology areas
  • Provision of 2 x half-day talks per year on “hot topics” in technology
  • Support in the enrollment of fresh graduates in the CCPS employment database

General benefits

  • The SkilPro Capability Centre are in “cutting edge” technologies; this assists in positioning the institute at the forefront of this technology and a leader in this area
  • Forges stronger links with industry by understanding their issues and requirements in the technology area of focus thus providing opportunities for collaboration
  • Builds confidence, analysis and critical thinking through a student-centred approach to learning
  • Staff and Student Certification is aligned to the CCPS Professional Skills Framework which is supported by the Telecommunications Regulator, MCMC
  • Institute will have a “live” SkilPro Capability Centre that is maintained by Orbitage for 3 years
  • The SkilPro Capability Centre can be used for a wide range of engineering and IT projects


  • Vendor independent approach to learning –  students not only learn to “configure” & “manage” but develop competence in understanding the end-to-end system.
  • Development of technical skills as required by industry
  • Cutting edge skills will enhance Graduate Employability (GE) in the ICT sector
  • Assistance with placement available a range of fibre installation and testing equipment. Shown are some of our fibre classes.


  • “Hands on” experience on a live network will complement theory and enhance teaching ability
  • Collaboration with Orbitage technical experts for 3 years – this can be in the form of  seminars, advice on projects, co-authoring of papers, etc.
  • Provides opportunities for research and development in this “cutting edge” technology
  • Provides a valuable lab environment for student projects