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Tools & Platforms

Tools & Platforms

We have developed our very own proprietary HR tools, competency assessment and profiling platforms (ProCAP), competency development environments (ODLP) as well as competency management systems (SkilPro) for use and deployment for our clients. Each of the tools and platforms developed aims to assist our clients in enhancing the value delivery of their human capital management efforts. For more details, please email us at info@orbitage.com

Professional Competency Assessment Platform (ProCAP)

ProCAP is our inhouse developed platform that seeks to assist organizations in assessing the technical competency health of individual staff, departments and the organization has a whole. It allows for clients to identify competency areas of interest (e.g. cybersecurity, networking, radio, transmission, 5G, etc.), identify the candidates/departments to be profiled and find out the level of competency the candidates are at in order to plan effectively for upskilling.

We have developed a question bank consisting of more than 10,000 questions across a multitude of competency areas. For more information, please email us at info@orbitage.com.

We are in the process of adding more learning support functionality into this platform.

SkilPro Competence Management Software

SKilPro is a platform that is used to manage the competence level of your:

  • organization as a whole
  • specific teams
  • individuals

For more details, please email us at info@orbitage.com.

Orbitage Dynamic Lab Playground (ODLP)

Additionally we have a remote lab platform, the Orbitage Dynamic Lab Playground (ODLP.) Developed in-house, the ODLP is a modular software platform that provides a management framework for the design, implementation and reconfiguration of complex network services and interconnections. This is used to provide a “hands on” learning environment that simplifies the generation, control and reconfiguration of “real world” network scenarios for use during the competence development and assessment programs. The software platform is built on top of a Linux Core OS platform with extensive use of virtualization. The overall platform control is via a management interface.