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Our “hands on” competence-based training, assessment and certification covers the following areas – you can click on an area for more information:

We focus on solutions that are practical and applicable in the industry. We employ a range of techniques in building and developing competence including instructor-led, lab-based training, workshops, mentoring and coaching.

Our programs are designed around methodologies and strategies that:

  • Enhance skill sets that are practical and job related
  • Build “confidence” and transferable skills in “problem solving”, “analysis” and “troubleshooting”
  • Cultivate a mindset that is “results oriented”
  • Achieve lasting results through hands-on “action based learning”
  • Effectively “measure” skills and performance

Alignment with the CCPS Professional Competency Framework (PCF)

The training program content is aligned to the CCPS  Professional Competency Framework (PCF) competence areas; each competency in the PCF is defined by a CCPS “descriptor” which identifies the skills associated with it. The PCF is a structured framework for technical competency development in ICT that identifies critical skills required by industry. It is supported by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) “telecommunications regulator” and is being used as an industry reference. The diagram above shows the Professional Competency Framework. For more information about CCPS, please click here.

Assessment & Certification

We focus on “learning through doing” where we measure program outcomes in terms of skills, attributes and underpinning knowledge developed. For most of our technical courses the program outcomes are measured through:

  • Hands on practical skills such as (troubleshooting a fault within a given time frame)
  • Underpinning knowledge that supports the building of competence – many of these questions are scenario based and require written answers and analysis rather than multiple choice questions
  • Continual assessment to ensure that participants are actively involved in the program

This extensive assessment reassures organizations that their staff have the competences required to perform their job successfully. Since the course outcomes are quantifiable this simplifies many internal processes and gives you the information to make the right decisions. This type of assessment is extremely useful for:

  • Recruitment
  • Succession planning
  • Staff appraisals
  • Development planning

Our certifications (depending on the programs undertaken) are recognized across various agencies such as Malaysian Board of Technologists (MBoT), CyberSecurity Malaysia’s (CSM) Global ACE Professionals Program as well as Communications Convergence Professional Society (CCPS). Some of the certifications can also lead to an Advanced diploma issued under the Ministry of Human Resources.

Course Schedule

Due to the many benefits of our “hands on” programs our larger clients generally conduct corporate runs of our programs for substantial numbers of staff. In this way we can customise the programs to their specific needs and they build up transferrable skills within the organisation making it more flexible and providing additional career paths for their staff.

If you would like to know about our public training schedule then please contact Public Training here.